Voluntary Caring in the Hamptons since 1974
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Commuity Transport with Driver Steve and Mary

We provide
Community Transport Services

Volunteers largely provide our different transport services. There only reward is a sense of well being from being able to help someone who is less fortunate than themselves. All services are managed from The Greenwood Centre and contact should be made directly by telephone or in person. Notice is usually required and it is best to ask in advance if you need to use any of them.

Small charges are made for some of these services and donations are always welcome towards the costs of providing them. To use any of these services it's necessary to register in advance and pay an annual registration fee. Full information is available in person or by a telephone from to The Greenwood Centre.

Latest Transport Leaflet 2016

Get the latest Greenwood Centre Transport leaflet from Hampton & Hampton Hill Voluntary Care.

Private Car Services

Since 1975 our volunteers have generously been willing to use their own private cars to take people who have difficulties in using public transport, to appointments, such as hospitals, doctors, chiropodists, or other important appointments.

Whilst no charge is made for this service, which is delivered entirely by volunteers, we welcome donations and an envelope is provided which can be handed to the driver.

Minibus Services

In partnership with Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport (RaKAT) we also use minibuses for a number of different services including shopping, attendance at Day Centres, outings and other services as needed. Some of the drivers and all of the escorts are volunteers. We collect from passenger's homes and return them afterwards. Escorts will assist in store and by carrying heavy bags if necessary. All services must be booked in advance and when passengers are advised of pick up times.

  • Shopping buses to Sainsbury's Supermarket, Canley Park, Hampton.
    Every Tuesday and Friday morning and every other Friday afternoon
  • Home Link, Whitton Respite Day Care
    Every Monday
  • Linden Hall Day Centre
    Tuesday and Thursday
  • Elleray Hall Day Centre
    We do not run buses to Elleray Hall as there is little demand but we can provide our car service if required.


We organise bus trips to local places of interest on a twice a week basis. A list of planned visits can be seen. A charge is made for these services.

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